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Car storage or vehicle storage service for long-term non-use is not a new concept. In the US, there are several companies that offer such facility for the real car nuts to keep their cars while they’re away for vacation.

Be a better Filipino and you’ll have this

These storage facilities mean business. Some offer a car concierge complete with specialized experts to warm up the car on a regular basis, cleaners and detailers to make sure the exterior and interior are free from undesirable elements like molds, fungus, webs etc. other value-added services includes CCTV camera that can stream live to your smartphone if you really have that obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Keeping them fresh all year

In the Philippines, particularly in Metro Manila there’s probably one that offer a vehicle storage service and most likely the space is limited and humid. But the most practical that is available to everybody is Park ‘N Fly along Domestic Road in Pasay City, which is very ideal for travelers who has to leave their cars near the airport and can be picked up days later when they return from a long journey. I’m still hoping that a car storage for rent can become a competitive business in the Philippines that will be patronized by local gearheads and save much needed space in their homes. There are other problems that vehicle storage can address, like floods which is a common occurrence in our country every year add to this are FTW (fire, theft, war) contrary to the nonsense and unproven assumption, your car is most likely safe in a car storage facility than in your home during a catastrophe.

Is it viable in the Philippines?

Rush hour traffic will be another problem that car storage can help alleviate. By putting up a car storage near a super comfy shuttle service terminal complete with waiting lounge, Wi-Fi, coffee bars any commuter is willing to cut their driving from home to work and will be more than willing to pay extra for this convenience, they can just simply park their cars, wait for the shuttle to bring them to work and vice versa, commuters can save on toll fees, fuel and outrageous parking fees in Makati, BGC or Ortigas. It will cut on emissions as well, because these cars doesn’t have to travel long distances.<eop>



Tidbit: A commuter is someone who routinely go from one place to another whether he’s on a bike, car or train or any means of transport. So when you hear someone “Sorry wala akong kotse kaya nag-commute lang ako” he’s not yet a better Filipino.

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  1. July 7, 2015 at 3:53 am

    how much daily rate or per month for storage my mpv adventure pls advise tynks .

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