Financing Your Car Restoration Project


Fresh out of college you just a landed a job, fortunately as well, your generous uncle gave you your dream car as a graduation gift for cheating your way to college. Unfortunately, the Porsche your uncle gave you needs a lot of work as well. And you still have to draw first blood from your freshly enrolled bank account. You’re single, no girlfriend, no money (just yet) but not broke. You want to get this dream car up and running, you’re just too proud to borrow from your mother, you have very few options maybe none.

Get that Porsche running!

Not all are blessed enough to have funds ready to buy parts and materials and get this project going. This is your first foray in developing your management skills even before your boss take notice. Here are the few options you have as a newcomer to the real world.

  1. Save – Yes, that will work, save and let life ticks away and let that car rot further and when the time you have the money it’s more expensive to get the project going, so save some more, maybe in the next ten years. No, don’t save for this kind of sh*t, save for the rainy days but not for this kind of sh*t.
  2. Get a second job or a third job – Open another channel of revenue, the purpose of this new channel is to fund your project, nothing more, no gadgets, no fancy computers, nothing, just for this project. Focus. Who knows, your second channel might be your break for greater wealth
  3. Take a loan – Why not? F*ck all those self-righteous financial advisers, the only thing they want from you is to buy their books and ask you to pay more to know more, they are not genuinely concerned about your financial future, they bore false testimonials (…and you know it’s bad). Take a loan, take a loan that you can afford to pay while you’re working. Sure, the “better” minds will advise you get a home loan first or invest in that, invest in this, that’s fine, you can sleep in a car but you can never drive a house. Before you know it, your loan is paid up and your project is complete, f*ck ’em driving Vios.

Have your cake and eat it too

But do you wish there are financial entities that caters to real car enthusiasts in financing their projects? Yes? Sure, should they help you complete your project just like how they help people in the construction industry? Absolutely! Suppose The Judge wants to bank roll your project what it is going to take? Simple:

  1. A detailed plan of your project, what do you want to happen with your car? You want a complete job of end-to-end, top-to-bottom restoration from engine, underchassis, body and electricals?
  2. How are you going to pay for it? Post-dated cheques in monthly/quarterly/yearly payments + interests and other charges.
  3. The Judge chooses the shop of his liking that will work on your car, The Judge will make sure the money goes to the restoration project and not to gambling, drinking, womanizing or anything that will make The Judge hunt you down and make you suffer.
  4. The Judge will make sure your project is complete and he can collect.
  5. The Judge will make sure that you will be happy with the outcome
  6. The Judge will make sure that all will be winners


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