A Simple But Cool Invention

When we talk about startups it’s not always about some self-proclaimed geeks who spend a month learning Javascript to build another app for Android or iPhone late night at the basement.

Cooler hacks doesn’t even require programming like this semi-automatic soap wrapper.


Unlike software, inventions like this one always qualifies for an appropriate patent and patent is an intangible asset that is valuable to companies that owns them.

Full details of this project:

Name of Project: Semi-automatic Wrapper
Objective: The aim of this device is to enable small start-up manufacturers to increase their packaging ability and improve package quality with relatively little investment.
Description: This device is made of either wood or plastic consisting of guides, tuckers and folders and a pusher to advance the bars being wrapped. It requires no power to operate it. It can wrap bar rectangular products such as banded soap and bar shaped candies, using pre-cut paper and produces envelope type wraps. The manual operation consists of positioning the bar and paper wrapper, application of glue and moving the pusher. The folding of the wrap is done automatically by the device.
Discussion: This proponent is a retired mechanical engineer with long experience in soap and food manufacturing as engineer, consultant and private entrepreneur as designer, inventor and fabricator of various equipments. His conclusion is that large manufacturers, which can afford high speed sophisticated automatic machines, dominate the industry and the market while the small entrepreneurs are at the tail end of the competition. Small start up businesses can not and would not invest major capital on high speed automatic machines because of small market and the uncertainty of public acceptance of the product. Moreover, much of the capital must go to marketing, promotion and R&D. Thus, the need for low cost equipment that performs with efficiency while maintaining factory-type quality.

Funding requested is for patenting to the amount of US$6,000. There is already a working prototype of this device.

You can donate for funding at GoFundMe https://www.gofundme.com/tmgerw6s

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