How To Get The Best Out Of Swap Meets

There are different types of die cast diehards; a collector, a trader, a modder and a restorer. You can’t just get in to the hobby for the sake of making money, you got to love it, you got to die for it and once you’re resurrected you’ll be able to obtain enlightenment on where the best deals are, where to find the rarest models and this is what swap meets are made for.

die cast marketplace swap meet

Diecast swap meets are also market places

It’s difficult to have heart-soothing conversation to a man without a hobby. Other than any medication, a good conversation with a friend about a hobby is one of the best therapy for those with cardiac ailments, try it, it works.

die cast swap meet

The key is to stay focused


Die cast car collection in the Philippines has been around for many decades. Popular brands were Matchbox, Corgi, Hotwheels etc. some went to the care of good collecting hands, others went to live a more active life in the hands of a ten year old kid dragging his toy to the miniature dirt roads paved with the side of his palms carefully making sure everything is aligned and making sure the surface is smooth. This was the construction era of die cast fun when kids build their own roads and highways in a vacant lot and start playing drivers all afternoon.

mercedes vito die cast

Some survivors of the construction era

For sure the fun never stops with age, it never stops to your uncle’s and grandpa’s frustrations, the fun will rest for a while or take a back seat to make way for the wedding, for the baby etc. but it will come back not like Sheriff Woody or Lightning McQueen that you can give away to charity and forget it for the rest of your life. These micro machines has its own insidious style of making its way back. The best of swap meets will facilitate that reunion.

die cast car swap meet

Lead us not in to temptation because we know how to get there

Take the plunge by searching die cast car clubs near you, you can do that by searching on Facebook the keywords “die cast” “philippines” join the local group and get to know when is the next swap meet, there are lots of models you won’t find in the malls or branded toy shops any day. Don’t just pick anything, start with specific line that interests you, do you like European cars? Are you a muscle car fan? Or are you a rice boy forever? Then start from there, keep your collections consistent, know each one of them by heart. Along the way you’ll learn how to separate the wheat from the chaff. Ask assertive but nice questions and you’ll get unbelievable discounts. Look for packaging irregularities like mis-labeling etc. these models has the potential to skyrocket in value in years time. Don’t be satisfied with just looking around once, go over the displays until you find the models that matters to you.

die cast car swap meet

Keep an eye on the merchandise someone’s picking

Swap meet is seriously fun. Be there when the opportunity invites you ‘coz you’ll never know what you’ll gonna get.


die cast beetle swap meet

Pizza not included

Mercedes Vito bus, A.Waggershauser , Model Car, Ready-made, Herpa 1:87

Ford Mustang Fastback 1968

The fact of life is not everyone can afford a 1:1 Ford Mustang Fastback in really pristine condition. Some can make few sacrifices such as getting in to the police wanted list and spend some time behind cold steel bars and when it’s done it will be a long way back towards being a better Filipino. Let’s make our lives easier.

Fact Of Life: You can’t drive like him in a movie the same way ever!

Having accepted the hard fact of life, there are alternatives to a fine gentleman’s fantasy and they come in smaller packages, not driveable, but still a looker and can still be stolen! Try it, put one on top of a refrigerator or somewhere open, it will be gone in 60 seconds! Really nice tabletop ornaments, you can doodle around it for hours while thinking out of the next big thing its an alternative to a vision board because just like it’s true scale counterpart, it moves! That’s the Ford Mustang Fastback brought to you by Hotwheels, Welly, WDM, MiniChamps, Maisto whatever. Get it in different scales 1:18, 1:43, 1:64 etc.

Sometimes it’s better than the real thing!

Other people can call it what they want either sickness or hobby, but this one sickness is something you don’t want to find a cure for. When a gearhead is too old to drive these fastbacks come in handy! Some are valuable than the others but the fun is only about to start.


GreenLight 1:18 Bullitt/Steve McQueen (1968) – 1968 Ford Mustang GT Fastback – Highland Green


The Dodge Challenger 1:32

One of the best scale for die cast cars is the 1:32, for one reason; it’s the scale for slot car racing and as we all die cast fanatics know it’s one of the best toy car racing of all time.



One of the best samples of 1:32 I got is the Jada BigTime Dodge Challenger SRT. I think Jada has done one of the best custom modification for the Challenger as of this writing. The details are decent enough to be photographed


You can buy Jada BigTime Challenger at

Jada Toys 1/24 Scale Diecast Big Time Muscle 2008 Dodge Challenger Srt8 in Color Silver