[WATCH]Girls check out guys crotch bulge on train

Do women check out guy’s crothes? I caught these women on camera staring and more. So it seems that women are pervs too!


[WATCH] Adrian Gee asking Girls if they Masturbated

1:59 is gorgeous!


[REVIEW] It's Wrong To Kill



Music composed and arranged by Jared Odulio (bass, solo/rhythm guitars), desktop-recorded thru GarageBand from Apple Inc., Bass Amps by Laney, Samson Go Micro Direct for the guitar, Boss Bass Chorus, Boss Limiter Enhancer.

Cons: First, riffs and scales just came out of nowhere and goes anywhere. Second, a cleaner execution can probably make this an instant hit on all music streaming platforms.

Pros: Surprisingly excellent sound quality coming from non-professional recording, the score is ideal for a lot of sub applications such as cue for documentaries, commercials etc. or just for simple listening.


Be Ready For A Single-Hand Watch

Imagine this, all your five senses are perfectly working and one day you lost one, what will happen to other four? It will become stronger because those other four senses has to work harder than normal. Now imagine what if we take out the minute hand off your watch? Will your attitude towards time change?

The Defakto Eins Modular Ref. No.: 4.EIN-M301-MOD-S

Defakto Eins Modular

Defakto Eins Modular

The Defakto Eins Modular, simple yet elegant with an hour-only face with high quality 3-piece watch case in a modular setup with stainless steel and pvd. screw down back with lasered in Brückenmeisterei graphics comes mounted for free.

Screw down back

Screw down back

The Defakto Eins Modular comes with

  • Automatic one-hand watch
  • 3-piece 42 mm stainless steel case
  • PVD coated st. steel topring/crown
  • Black dial
  • Ergonomic clasp with logo
  • Sapphire crystal
  • Soft calfskin band
  • 5 ATM water resistant
  • Citizen 9015
  • Made in Pforzheim, Germany

Change the way you look at time

Change the way you look at time

To tell time with Defakto Eins Modular, the single large hand is for the telling the hour and approximate the minute based on where the the hour hand is pointing, in the picture above, it can be said that the time is about 7:30am/pm, if it points to the next minute in the dial, it can be estimated as 7:45am/pm. Not easy for someone with a perfect sense of time!

A watch for those who want to take pace of their lives

A watch for those who want to take pace of their lives

An ideal watch for a Filipino swagger who is always genetically late. As the the Defakto’s website said: “The DEFAKTO EINS one-hand watch will change your perception of time. Start experience life at your pace.” I believe it will change a Pinoy’s perception of time, without the minute hand your day-to-day pace will become hourly and you’ll be more conscious how much of those bit of minutes you’re losing/wasting, it will strengthen your punctuality by the lack of knowing the minute to slack off.


Visit: http://www.defakto-uhren.de/en/watches/eins/modular/#

Man Up, 5 Steps To Shaving With A Straight Razor

Getting an itch to learn a new skill? One is just around the corner, the history of straight shaving dates back all the way from Alexander The Great when he regulates his men to shave so that the enemy won’t be able to pull their beards in a really intimate close quarter combat, such is a tactical advantage. Straight shaving isn’t for everyone but it’s a cool way to shave, it’s like changing your handwriting after so many years of using that egotistic all-caps.

The straight blade razor is lethally sharp, buy the real one.

The straight blade razor is lethally sharp, buy the real one










  1. Prepare your blade – make sure it’s not only sharp but honed and stropped as well, if you don’t know what it is here’s the pic

    Honing and Stropping needs a high quality leather strip

    Honing and Stropping needs a high quality leather strip


  2. Prepare you face – In most first-world countries, hot water on tap is almost always readily available but in the Philippines even some middle class don’t have hot water ready on tap and the best option is to boil water using “takure” or kettle. Soak a face towel to the hot water and run it through your whiskers.

    The old reliable kettle

    The old reliable kettle


  3. Lather up – If you’re still using a aerosol shaving cream and no intention of switching then straight shaving is not for you and you don’t to continue reading on. Get a real shaving cream and lather up using badger hair brush.

    This is the way to lather up

    This is the way to lather up

    This is the real shaving cream

    This is the real shaving cream


  4. Shave – Hold a straight blade like a pro, something like this.

    Holding a straight razor

    Holding a straight razor


  5. Rinse – Rinse with cold water, not lukewarm water as in straight-from-tap cold, towel dry and get ready to face the world like Alexander The Lapu-lapu.


1 Reason Why Real Men Don't Ask For Directions

Women got to accept this, it is in men’s primal instinct not to ask for directions even way back in his old profession as a hunter or a gatherer, men would prefer to pretend not to look lost for safety and survival reasons.

Fast forward to the 21st century Google world, we’re still living in an unreliable 3G/4G mobile connections. Thanks to this new Google Maps feature, real men can navigate around using Google Maps even without an internet connection.

It’s really simple, believe The Judge. From your Android Phone, make sure your Google Maps is up to date.

  1. On the search bar type “OK MAPS” Google Maps
  2. Press the magnifying glass button this will pre-load the on-screen map to your phone, so you can navigate around without an internet connection.

    Google Maps Preloading



Right now, Garmin-style driving navigation don’t work in offline mode, the trick is make sure you have internet connection before initiating the Navigation function and from there you can go offline until your reach your destination. Hopefully, Google can work on that. Another thing that don’t work is searching addresses and specific locations during offline mode, maybe our phones today are not yet capable of caching that kind of large data. But the cached map is good enough for the basic barbarian, you need a passenger with good map-reading skills to use that for driving.

[WATCH] Guard Your Social Life


Seven Men's New Year Grooming Resolution For 2014

You received a lot of cool stuff from Christmas such as new clothes, shoes or even underwear, sometimes it’s more than enough to replace your last year’s wardrobe and some of this newly acquired apparels were from you own wallet, from your own paycheck or Christmas Bonus (Congratulations!). But you don’t have to follow these resolutions like Kool-Aid, you can up the ante or do something better, the bottomline is you have to be better than the previous year, not worse.

  1. Shave properly – Remember our previous post about shaving? Don’t start from there those are reserved for men who are literally capable of invading another civilisation. Just start with the proper close shave on your own.


    Shave Properly


  2. Dress like a gentleman – A brotherly advise; stop looking shabby! You have to raise the bar, push the envelope, level up. You can start with the jacket, a shirt and tie will be appropriate even if you’re working on a night shift because you don’t know who you’re going to bump in to.

    sport jacket

    Stop looking like a high school boy trapped in a 30-year old body


  3. Make water your best friend – This 2014 always stay well hydrated. No explaining required.
  4. Always moisturise – No longer exclusive to women’s department, keeping yourself moisturised can prevent skin dryness and delay ageing. It’s always a nice feeling when you look younger than your age.
  5. Go for the right product – In everything that you’re going to buy this 2014, always go for the right product, just because you’re colleague is driving a Honda doesn’t mean you have to buy the same car, be different, standout, go for the products that you really like not the ones being pushed or pitched on you by other people.
  6. Don’t Be Afraid To Treat Yourself – If you’re getting your haircut once a month, why not add up hot oil, total repair treatment and a massage in to the routine? Your body will going to love you for that.
  7. Broaden Your Style – Don’t be that boring t-shirt-and-short guy on a weekend and leave those flipflops at home.

Nine Lies About Fat That Destroyed World's Health

Ever wondered why someone you knew who was a health buff, gym figure suddenly got diabetes or high blood pressure? Maybe this is your clue.

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1. A Low-Fat, High-Carb Diet is The Optimal Human Diet

2. Cholesterol Rich Foods (Like Eggs) Are Bad For You

3. Your Total and LDL Cholesterol Levels Are Good Indicators of Heart Attack Risk

4. Processed Seed- and Vegetable Oils Are Healthy

5. Saturated Fat Raises Your Bad Cholesterol and Causes Heart Disease

6. Saturated Fats and Trans Fats Are Similar

7. Eating Fat Makes You Fat and High-Fat Diets Are Dangerous

8. Processed Margarine is Better Than Natural Butter

9. Processed Low-Fat Foods Are Healthy Options


Watch This Guy Plays Guitar With One String


Fine gentlemen got groove and we’re no exception.