[WATCH] Forget About The Apple Watch This Is A Better Gift For Her

There’s been so much talk about how the Apple Watch will revolutionize timepieces and the technology behind making them that it’s easy to forget that the history of watchmaking involves much simpler, handmade innovations.

But not so fast Apple, here’s Mademoiselle Privé, the lady’s watch that will make ladies forget the Apple watch!


Be Ready For A Single-Hand Watch

Imagine this, all your five senses are perfectly working and one day you lost one, what will happen to other four? It will become stronger because those other four senses has to work harder than normal. Now imagine what if we take out the minute hand off your watch? Will your attitude towards time change?

The Defakto Eins Modular Ref. No.: 4.EIN-M301-MOD-S

Defakto Eins Modular

Defakto Eins Modular

The Defakto Eins Modular, simple yet elegant with an hour-only face with high quality 3-piece watch case in a modular setup with stainless steel and pvd. screw down back with lasered in Brückenmeisterei graphics comes mounted for free.

Screw down back

Screw down back

The Defakto Eins Modular comes with

  • Automatic one-hand watch
  • 3-piece 42 mm stainless steel case
  • PVD coated st. steel topring/crown
  • Black dial
  • Ergonomic clasp with logo
  • Sapphire crystal
  • Soft calfskin band
  • 5 ATM water resistant
  • Citizen 9015
  • Made in Pforzheim, Germany

Change the way you look at time

Change the way you look at time

To tell time with Defakto Eins Modular, the single large hand is for the telling the hour and approximate the minute based on where the the hour hand is pointing, in the picture above, it can be said that the time is about 7:30am/pm, if it points to the next minute in the dial, it can be estimated as 7:45am/pm. Not easy for someone with a perfect sense of time!

A watch for those who want to take pace of their lives

A watch for those who want to take pace of their lives

An ideal watch for a Filipino swagger who is always genetically late. As the the Defakto’s website said: “The DEFAKTO EINS one-hand watch will change your perception of time. Start experience life at your pace.” I believe it will change a Pinoy’s perception of time, without the minute hand your day-to-day pace will become hourly and you’ll be more conscious how much of those bit of minutes you’re losing/wasting, it will strengthen your punctuality by the lack of knowing the minute to slack off.


Visit: http://www.defakto-uhren.de/en/watches/eins/modular/#

Wear The Watches You've Been Dreaming Of

Starts at $249 a month you can wear the watches (yes, watches) that cost about more that $10,000 to own for two months at a time! The annual program enables you to experience three or six different watches a year. Now, tell me if it’s a bad idea.


Eleven James

Eleven James

As a member, you can browse their collection of fine watches and let the concierge set up your unique watch profile, enjoy the watch for two months by the time you receive it, you can wear it in parties, flaunt it in fun runs, golf tournaments or whatever. Once you’re done with it you can return it by mail at an Eleven James event or schedule a pick up (for New York City members only). Isn’t it lovely? Now, if you’re a fine watch owner and want to consign and rotate your watches for an extra buck without having to let go of your lovely timepieces, this is viable option to liquidate your watch’s appreciated value, it’s basically a horology for rent. The Judge reckon that this concept might work in the Philippines but the rules will be stricter and penalties harsher for the business to flourish. It’s also a good way of trying before buying rather than getting a Class A Greenhills imitation.

Tool Watches And Why You Should Care

During my formative years, it has been told that watch/clock has no other purpose but to tell time. Even old folks rant about why someone will buy a different watch from the other when all of them are designed for one purpose; to tell time. Imagine if we only have one kind of watch to wear, telling time is really going to be boring. Tool watches are for people who really mean their business, it’s not just about telling time, it’s a reflection on how you value your time. It’s a statement that you are a better Filipino no ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’.

Dress Watch

Simple but elegant

Attending solemn meetings or late night parties, you need a timepiece that doesn’t attract too much attention and if does it should induce a pleasant and comfortable conversation. Is it a tool watch? In a civil society or any formal engagement, occasionally looking at your watch is a sign of boredom and disrespect. In any formal gathering whether it’s business or pleasure a dress watch helps you conceal such gestures without offending the host. So in our book, that’s a tool watch.

Engineer’s Watch

IWC Ingenieur

Rolex Milgauss

There’s an engineer’s watch? Yes, even before your mother was born. In today’s digital age an engineer won’t need a special watch but back in the days when Nikola Tesla and Rudolf Diesel were rock stars, there were two kinds of special watches built for engineers; one is for the train engineer and the other for the electrical engineer. The train engineer’s watch must be accurate at all times since train engineers are exposed to a lot of this things associated in dealing with badass locomotive megamachines such as vibrations, noise, heat and pollution and their watches must withstand the environment it is subjected in to and keep up with the schedule such as when to reduce speed when NO speed signs or indicators are present along the tracks such factors must be timed precisely to avoid disaster that can cost lives. The electrical engineer’s watch is another special type of watch, aside from telling time its case has an inner core that repels magnetic force which can drastically affect a watch movement’s core functions, some brands like the Rolex Milgauss can withstand a magnetic force of 1000 gauss of course.

Diver’s Watch

The DeepSea Sea Dweller

It’s self-explanatory, I’m not a diving expert but from a common sense standpoint, a diver’s watch just like any other watch must be water resistant. Aside from the unidirectional rotating bezel to mark and monitor your dive time, oxygen, time to ascent etc. a diver’s watch must withstand depth pressure measured by ATM or BAR.

Aviator’s Watch

Aviator’s watch

As opposed to diver’s watch, aviator’s watch must work consistently on low pressure, high altitude and sometimes zero-gravity environments. Dials must be big enough and bright enough to be seen during night flights. Optionally, aviator’s watches can come with a GMT hand.

Military Watch

Seiko 5 Military Watch

Simply the timepiece that performs above and beyond the call of duty, the military watch is designed for the rigorous demands of the land warrior…and executive backpackers as well. Due to the violent nature of what this watch is intended for, a true blue military watch must not compromise the wearer by having any shiny or glossy portion that reflect light which can cause deadly consequences like enemy snipers, it should have a shatter-proof glass and of course dials in military time format, it should be agnostic to dust, mud, water and shell shock.

And therefore, telling the time will not always be the same.



Potshots: Why are commercial watch photos display time in “10:10”?

Answer: So you’ll know the difference between a professional photographer and an egghead.

The Chronometer

What is a chronometer? We’re taking an inquisitive position rather than a pretentious smartass who happened to pick some tidbits from Wikipedia then self-converts to a resident expert/thought leader therefore we will be the watch noob for this post. If you are inside a very respected authorized dealer of fine watches anywhere in the Philippines you’ll most likely stumble on those little print on the dial saying “Superlative Chronometer” but before we go to the “Superlative” let’s go first with what is a chronometer. Wikipedia, take it away…

A chronometer is a clock that is precise and accurate enough to be used as portable time standard. By portable, we mean it can be used anywhere. Also, it can be used for celestial navigation by determining the longitude. Now, my brain is twerking, so if I ask my mechanic how long he can finish fixing my car does it determine longitude? Why does a fine gentleman would want a chronometer watch? Does he lose his way all the time? Continuing to the Wikipedia; the chronometer enabled the acceleration of the Age of Discovery and Colonialism. Yes, a chronometer watch in today’s world are symbolic to Discovery and Colonialism because as fine gentlemen we learn then we rule.

Harrison Chronometer H5, 1775

Alright, I’ve been hearing this around “Yung dad ko bumili ng chrono, ang ganda eh”, does the asshat refer to the chronometer? How can a chronometer be so beautiful when it’s only purpose is to precisely determine longitude on long voyages? The word “chronometer” is only printed on watches that passes the COSC (Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute). The most accurate guess is that asshat’s dad bought a Swatch Chronograph not a chronometer watch.

So what’s this “Superlative Chronometer”? The short throw answer, those are watches that passed the COSC testing with flying colors, not just passed, not just good enough but passed with distinction, done and executed with the highest quality.

The finest example of “Superlative Chronometer”

The chronometer, now you learned a new word. It is more than just telling the longitude, it’s a subtle daily reminder that good enough is not good enough, the better Filipino should hit for excellence and kill mediocrity, remember, we learn then we rule. On your next date, please stop talking about Justin Beiber.



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