Gaza’s racing club hits speed bump

A sandy and pebbled racing strip in Gaza

A sandy and pebbled racing strip in Gaza

Sometimes it’s not really worth paying attention to western mainstream media. A group of amateur auto racers created a club for sports car racing in the Gaza Strip, but they lack safe cars and adequate roads to drive on without causing safety concerns for the public and themselves.

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[WATCH] Batmobiles Racing

The show is hosted by Marisha Ray, with two debaters, Damian Beurer and Andy Liegl. Together they battle with their sci-fi/fantasy knowledge and comic wit to see who they think the winner will be. Both cars are Chevy powered! Watch ’til the end!

Motiv8tion A Documentary Review

After receiving my DVD copy from the producer himself, a good friend we called Steelrat in the forums, I immediately insert the disc to the player in excitement to see the first ever documentary about the muscle car culture in the Philippines.



First impressions, the intro feels like a 70’s movie which is really approriate for the documentary, great musical score, the intro credits are snappy, I was eager to see more!


As the film progresses on, familiar faces started to fill the screen, talks about how they got their early respective muscle cars, the excitement, the challenges that came with owning a muscle car. Owners as far as north of Manila was adequately covered. The fun doesn’t seem to stop even as the profanity-filled road rage heats up, such is driving a muscle car around congested Metro Manila. I love the Castro, Route 66, Grace interviews, those people who tirelessly work to get these muscles running in this part of the world other than the United States.



But just like any other documentaries, MotiV8tion has its own share of dull moments. I guess there was so much time spent on covering the road rages, the bad roads in the Metro Manila, the discourteous drivers etc.

Noticeably, there was an absence of a “center piece” car, everyone’s talking about their cars, but the missing “star car” is not there. I mean, it’s fine to talk about each other’s cars but all the guys in the show should “glue” themselves to that “star car” to make the flick a bit more interesting, that one car everyone should be talking about.

Last but not the least (hoping for the MV8N2?) Southern Philippines wasn’t duly represented, I think there’s good chance catching a Shelby Cobra down there.

Overall, the film is awesome! I will watch again during my dull moments together with the other crowdfunded Philippine car documentary Racing With The Legends.


**** <– 4 Stars!





40 Years of BMW Art Cars

BMW has been well ahead of most car companies, not only in engineering and design, but in recognizing the power of the arts. In the early days of the Internet, BMW led the way with BMW Films, a website that featured short films produced by accomplished directors like Ang Lee and Guy Ritchie.

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Rethinking The American Muscle Car


Engine: 6.2-liter supercharged V8 Horsepower: 650 Fuel economy: 15 city/22 hwy (man.) Price: $78,000


For many years, the Chevrolet Corvette tempted drivers with a simple value proposition: lots of power in a light, well-balanced, and totally badass package. That was enough to make it one of the most iconic American cars ever built, rivaling any import on raw performance. Where the Vette lost to its European counterparts was in quality. Essentially, you got what you paid for.

In January, Chevy released the new Z06 and threw that equation out of whack. The car can run from 0 to 60 in less than three seconds, putting it in league with six-figure vehicles like the Ferrari 458 Italia, Porsche 911 Turbo S, and McLaren 650S. But where the Z06 stands out is in its finish. It feels like a luxury machine. And that’s where it’s truly disruptive. When drivers can get a vehicle with top-tier attributes at the fraction of the cost, what does that say about the future of sports cars?

[WATCH] Volkswagen Golf GTI Test Drive At Volkswage BGC

Also known as the Mk7 or the 7th Generation Golf. Somehow this pocket rocket brought back some memories with its checkered seats similar to some old school Euros like the Mercedes 190e 2.3-16. Comes with 220 PS, Turbo Stratified Injection (TSI, there’s turbo that’s it) powerplant, 6-speed DSG (Direkt-Schalt-Getriebe or Direct Shift Gearbox), I won’t bore you in to technical details, simply put, one of the smoothest shifting you’ll ever experience. The paddle shifters has a little bit of “racy” feel and can actually hear it “grunts” when shifting(or maybe it’s just me). Finally, the Golf in our shore!

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[WATCH] Epic Audi "Mechanics" TV Spot

We have our own local versions of “Mang Conrad”, “Mang Tony”, “Mang Dante” out there doing work on our ordinary cars, but with Audi it is wiser to let professionals handle it.

[Watch] Furious 7 Official IMAX Trailer

One last ride. I doubt. Opens April 2015

1969 Pro Touring Camaro

Sure there’s nothing like it

[WATCH] Jay Leno Shows Off His Honda SM600 Roadster

Every car nut knows that Jay Leno is the bigger car nut but not every car nut is familiar with the Honda SM600 Roadster. Yes, those underrated roadster.