[Watch] Original 1966 Batmobile Sold at USD$4,200,000

Built by George Barris, The Original Batmobile


[WATCH] The 707 Horsepower 2015 Challenger SRT Hellcat!

The all new 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT with supercharged 6.2-liter HEMI® Hellcat engine produces an unprecendented (tama na paggamit ng “whopping” potah puede ba?) 707 horsepower making it the most powerful Challenger ever. It’s so good looking than the 2015 Camaro and 2015 Mustang, even if you cross-breed that 2 the Challenger can still outlook them.


[WATCH] A Fan-made Tesla Ad That Will Make Internal Combustion A Steampunk Art



Celebrate The 426 Hemi's 50th Anniversary

As the Gen II 426 Race Hemi turns 50 this year, Mopar guys will be celebrating in a big way! Debuted February 1964 and dominated Daytona 500. The “Hemi” or the hemispherical combustion engine was designed specifically for passenger cars in 1954. The concept behind the Hemi is it produces a vortex in each cylinders through the hemispherical shaped pistons that provides optimal power and performance. The Gen II 426 Hemi, by unspoken rule, is considered a big block because the small block is in the range of 340-360 or known as the SBH (uhm, can you just the use term “small block”, “big block” with the Chevy guys?).

The Gen II 426 Hemi

The Gen II 426 Hemi

The 426 Hemi is such a vital part of Mopar’s racing heritage, it’s responsible for 26 victories rated at 400 horsepower, cheaper than some equally-powered German and Italian variety and as reliable but with longer life expectancy than any other Japanese “power rice”.


Solve The Public Transportation Problem This 2014

Get your own ride. You’ve been buying expensive handheld gadgets but you’re still cursing the long bus and taxi queues on holidays. Traffic, yes, but at least you’re by yourself. Parking space, sure, but that’s just an excuse and stop making excuses.

We’d understand if you can’t and don’t stop those who will


[WATCH] LSx Willys Jeep Versus ZR-1 Corvette


Crazy video but fun.

[Watch] How To Drive A Ferrari Like A Complete Idiot


Chris Harris will show you how to drive a Ferrari 458 like a complete nuts.

[Watch] A Second Life As A Singer 911 Designer


No, not the Singer sewing machine. Catherine Wheels’ former frontman Rob Dickinson on doing well on what you’re passionate about, from creating music to designing really great Porsche 911’s. Staying focused is always key.

Take A Look How Far Car Safety Has Come In 50 Years


After half a century, our rides is still not idiot-proof

[VIDEO] Amazing Stuff You Can Do To Passat 3C


A wonderful video from Stanced386