A Simple But Cool Invention

When we talk about startups it’s not always about some self-proclaimed geeks who spend a month learning Javascript to build another app for Android or iPhone late night at the basement.

Cooler hacks doesn’t even require programming like this semi-automatic soap wrapper.


Unlike software, inventions like this one always qualifies for an appropriate patent and patent is an intangible asset that is valuable to companies that owns them.

Full details of this project:

Name of Project: Semi-automatic Wrapper
Objective: The aim of this device is to enable small start-up manufacturers to increase their packaging ability and improve package quality with relatively little investment.
Description: This device is made of either wood or plastic consisting of guides, tuckers and folders and a pusher to advance the bars being wrapped. It requires no power to operate it. It can wrap bar rectangular products such as banded soap and bar shaped candies, using pre-cut paper and produces envelope type wraps. The manual operation consists of positioning the bar and paper wrapper, application of glue and moving the pusher. The folding of the wrap is done automatically by the device.
Discussion: This proponent is a retired mechanical engineer with long experience in soap and food manufacturing as engineer, consultant and private entrepreneur as designer, inventor and fabricator of various equipments. His conclusion is that large manufacturers, which can afford high speed sophisticated automatic machines, dominate the industry and the market while the small entrepreneurs are at the tail end of the competition. Small start up businesses can not and would not invest major capital on high speed automatic machines because of small market and the uncertainty of public acceptance of the product. Moreover, much of the capital must go to marketing, promotion and R&D. Thus, the need for low cost equipment that performs with efficiency while maintaining factory-type quality.

Funding requested is for patenting to the amount of US$6,000. There is already a working prototype of this device.

You can donate for funding at GoFundMe https://www.gofundme.com/tmgerw6s

Financing Your Car Restoration Project

Fresh out of college you just a landed a job, fortunately as well, your generous uncle gave you your dream car as a graduation gift for cheating your way to college. Unfortunately, the Porsche your uncle gave you needs a lot of work as well. And you still have to draw first blood from your freshly enrolled bank account. You’re single, no girlfriend, no money (just yet) but not broke. You want to get this dream car up and running, you’re just too proud to borrow from your mother, you have very few options maybe none.

Get that Porsche running!

Not all are blessed enough to have funds ready to buy parts and materials and get this project going. This is your first foray in developing your management skills even before your boss take notice. Here are the few options you have as a newcomer to the real world.

  1. Save – Yes, that will work, save and let life ticks away and let that car rot further and when the time you have the money it’s more expensive to get the project going, so save some more, maybe in the next ten years. No, don’t save for this kind of sh*t, save for the rainy days but not for this kind of sh*t.
  2. Get a second job or a third job – Open another channel of revenue, the purpose of this new channel is to fund your project, nothing more, no gadgets, no fancy computers, nothing, just for this project. Focus. Who knows, your second channel might be your break for greater wealth
  3. Take a loan – Why not? F*ck all those self-righteous financial advisers, the only thing they want from you is to buy their books and ask you to pay more to know more, they are not genuinely concerned about your financial future, they bore false testimonials (…and you know it’s bad). Take a loan, take a loan that you can afford to pay while you’re working. Sure, the “better” minds will advise you get a home loan first or invest in that, invest in this, that’s fine, you can sleep in a car but you can never drive a house. Before you know it, your loan is paid up and your project is complete, f*ck ’em driving Vios.

Have your cake and eat it too

But do you wish there are financial entities that caters to real car enthusiasts in financing their projects? Yes? Sure, should they help you complete your project just like how they help people in the construction industry? Absolutely! Suppose The Judge wants to bank roll your project what it is going to take? Simple:

  1. A detailed plan of your project, what do you want to happen with your car? You want a complete job of end-to-end, top-to-bottom restoration from engine, underchassis, body and electricals?
  2. How are you going to pay for it? Post-dated cheques in monthly/quarterly/yearly payments + interests and other charges.
  3. The Judge chooses the shop of his liking that will work on your car, The Judge will make sure the money goes to the restoration project and not to gambling, drinking, womanizing or anything that will make The Judge hunt you down and make you suffer.
  4. The Judge will make sure your project is complete and he can collect.
  5. The Judge will make sure that you will be happy with the outcome
  6. The Judge will make sure that all will be winners


Will You Be Using An Online Repair Booking?

Back in the days we’re used to just having our clunkers serviced at the neighborhood “talyer” or those run-down auto shops. Researching online, it’s a hit-or-miss experience when you get your car fixed by these auto shops. In online forums, some sleazeballs will enthusiastically refer a non-certified veteran mechanic named “Mang Karding” and only to find out that you and the sleazeball has different expectations and symptoms plus “Mang Karding”  is only good at carburetor, non-computerized aging rust buckets the kind this sleazeball is driving. But “Mang Karding” is just a part of the mixed bag of nuts and corns in this gray market auto repair industry. One can still find a good hack from a good wrench but it’s like searching  a needle in a haystack.

The Garage

Then there’s the “Casa”, the crisp clean premium service garage that employs a service advisor named “Bogart” or sometimes “Ate Cristy” with snobbish aura to protect them from abusive customers (it works) and abusive outsourced mechanics which sometimes they picked up from a neighboring “talyer”. Their in-house mechanics are sometimes certified and graduates of various trade schools, they also fly in specialists from Hong Kong or as far as Italy if the work to be done is for clients with exotic cars that can’t be touched by a wrench monkey. Normally, a “Casa” has a lounge with Wi-Fi and accepts credit cards, plus they have hydraulic/pneumatic lifters! Some of these shops are run by stealerships tied in with certain brands or marque. Unlike “Mang Karding’s” shop, the “casa” is fully equipped with diagnostic and analysis tools, so the mechanics can have a better understanding of your car’s problems.

A typical brand-independent “casa”

Now here’s the problem and some “casa” already know this. On a Saturday morning, you drive to one of those “talyer” or “casa” without prior booking and you see overflowing of cars down to the street, since you’re a rat racer not a heavy hitter you can’t service your car on a weekday or anytime you want and all shops on a Saturday morning will always be filled to the brim forever. You learned your lesson, that you should book a service prior to weekend, you called the “casa”, phone is busy, you texted, no response, you called again, you got an answer, sorry Saturday is full. Unfortunately, you don’t have a rolodex of shops for other alternatives, you look around if there’s an online booking somehow, none.

Do you think it’s for you?

In a parallel universe, an online booking service is shop-independent, when a customer books a service online, all registered shops will be notified by all means of notification if they can accept the job with optional offers (e.g. pick-up or drive-in), Customers can pay electronically even if the work is done by “Mang Karding”. Sounds like an idea?

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Four Malpractices That Can Cause Overheat

Every morning you see your neighbor’s uncle cleaning the family car in meticulous detail, this includes popping the bonnet doing an untrained detail job on the engine cover, removing the pressurized radiator cap, cleaning off the coolant that smudged the rubber seal and all that shit that makes him like an auto guru and you wonder in amazement “oh boy, that car must be in tip-top shape!”. And one day you spotted the car smoking at the curb. What happened?

The Fountain of Life!

First, let’s intimidate your uncle with the workings of a modern car cooling system.

Show this to your uncle

If you’re asked by your uncle what the hell is that diagram, tell him to get his hands off your car specially at the engine bay.

  1. Removing Pressure Cap – The pressure cap has a rubber seal which holds the water pressure inside the engine’s water jacket, it is important that pressure is kept at manufacturer’s specification. Regularly removing the pressure cap for no reason will wear out the rubber seal and will cause pressure to leak resulting in weak flow of water around the radiator and engine. Tell your uncle not to do this again.
  2. Overfilling The Reservoir – While the car is operating at a normal temperature, the engine is still producing excess pressure, this excess pressure is dumped to the reservoir. If the reservoir is filled to the cap, the excess pressure will find the weakest part of the cooling system to release its outrage, and the last place you want it to happen is in your radiator hose. Tell your uncle to just fill the reservoir at the maximum level indicated properly. 


  3. Bypassing The Thermostat – That “sanga ng bayabas” you heard from your uncle, it has no purpose anywhere in your engine. Do Not Bypass the Thermostat! It’s there for a reason, it provides a supply of cooler fluid (water or coolant) from the radiator when fluid inside the water jacket of the engine is reaching boiling point. Do the math, if the radiator water temperature and the engine water temperature are equal, there’s no way to go but up to the “fountain of life”.

    That uncle, is a thermostat

  4. Repairing radiators – For private vehicles, don’t do this even if it’s cheaper it will kill your car eventually, repairing radiators require hot lead to be soldered to the fins or walls of the radiator, the heat can degrade the strength of the metal around the radiator so don’t be surprised if you get leak after leak following a repair. Replace your radiator once it starts leaking or on the advice of your dealer’s service department.


Learned something? Now, relegate your uncle to gardening.
Stant 10227 Radiator Cap – 13 PSI

Stant 45878 SuperStat Thermostat – 180 Degrees Fahrenheit

Car Storage Services

Car storage or vehicle storage service for long-term non-use is not a new concept. In the US, there are several companies that offer such facility for the real car nuts to keep their cars while they’re away for vacation.

Be a better Filipino and you’ll have this

These storage facilities mean business. Some offer a car concierge complete with specialized experts to warm up the car on a regular basis, cleaners and detailers to make sure the exterior and interior are free from undesirable elements like molds, fungus, webs etc. other value-added services includes CCTV camera that can stream live to your smartphone if you really have that obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Keeping them fresh all year

In the Philippines, particularly in Metro Manila there’s probably one that offer a vehicle storage service and most likely the space is limited and humid. But the most practical that is available to everybody is Park ‘N Fly along Domestic Road in Pasay City, which is very ideal for travelers who has to leave their cars near the airport and can be picked up days later when they return from a long journey. I’m still hoping that a car storage for rent can become a competitive business in the Philippines that will be patronized by local gearheads and save much needed space in their homes. There are other problems that vehicle storage can address, like floods which is a common occurrence in our country every year add to this are FTW (fire, theft, war) contrary to the nonsense and unproven assumption, your car is most likely safe in a car storage facility than in your home during a catastrophe.

Is it viable in the Philippines?

Rush hour traffic will be another problem that car storage can help alleviate. By putting up a car storage near a super comfy shuttle service terminal complete with waiting lounge, Wi-Fi, coffee bars any commuter is willing to cut their driving from home to work and will be more than willing to pay extra for this convenience, they can just simply park their cars, wait for the shuttle to bring them to work and vice versa, commuters can save on toll fees, fuel and outrageous parking fees in Makati, BGC or Ortigas. It will cut on emissions as well, because these cars doesn’t have to travel long distances.<eop>



Tidbit: A commuter is someone who routinely go from one place to another whether he’s on a bike, car or train or any means of transport. So when you hear someone “Sorry wala akong kotse kaya nag-commute lang ako” he’s not yet a better Filipino.

Sports Cars, Exotic Cars, Muscle Cars For Rent

Ever felt a need that you should have a nice car in your photoshoot? Or inspiration tells you that your advertising can give more punch with a muscle car?


Do you want to make your event more interesting and memorable to your guests and customers? Or you just want to spice up your marketing campaign and boost sales?






Start looking better, it’s time to level up the bar! Finding one is now easier! We provide exotic sports cars, muscle cars for rent:


  • Photoshoots (magazines, ads, billboards etc.)
  • Event displays
  • TV Commercials
  • TV/Movie props
Starts @ PHP20,000/session; a session could last up to 8 hours of satisfaction. These cars can add more character to your content in many ways than the traditional boring stuff out there. Our stable can prepare something really nice for you from European to American classic and modern marvels that your customers’ eyes can feast on.


Our cars will have its own technical support staff to manuever, clean and keep ’em all shiny so you can focus on your job at hand.


For details and online bookings you can login at http://rentals.route66.com.ph

This Super Mercedes Is For Sale

If it’s not good enough yet. Bruno Sacco’s super project turned over to Aufrecht and Melcher to become their super-super project, of course, we’ll have a super WerkWagen.

The coupe to end all coupe. The Mercedes-Benz 560SEC AMG C126 is an unarguably a real Mercedes muscle, it’s not just a Panzerwagen it’s a Blitzwagen. Only 28,929 coupes where made from 1985-1991 or four thousand eight hundred twenty one and a lunch break were made per year. However, at the AMG Facilities, only 50 wide body units were made and among those fifty only 2 known real WerkWagen arrived in the Philippines, one ended up in ashes and the other one is still kicking (but not the bucket). This is it.

An AMG Werkwagen, by the way, is not a Mercedes that is tuned and modded using all original AMG components inside a ghetto shop, it’s a Mercedes that has been hand-stitched with AMG component at different AMG facilities that existed during C126 era.

This lovely beast is not called The Super Mercedes for nothing. With an AMG-tuned M117 V8 engine that yields 300+ horspower.

One of the most popular sci-fi TV show during the ’80s was the Battlestar Galactica and surely, AMG will not fall behind. The standard controls, climate control buttons resembles much of those in the Viper(not the car, but the fighter).