The Mild And Wild Part 1


Mustang projects of this scale don’t happen just about anywhere, specially in the Philippines. There was a time when it’s all about the bragging rights, who has the best red Mustang in town.

Let’s go with The Mild first, This red mild Mustang with a 289cu Windsor  V8 engine, that’s just my guess, this shop has a lot of things you won’t find in Wikipedia, and people who work here has stories you won’t find anywhere online as well, this is Route66 exclusive!



Stop drooling pls




If this is not a 289 Windsor, I don’t know what is

Being a mild-mannered workhorse this classic streetsmart machine packs just about 195-200 horsepower that’s achievable by any four-banger with all chips and gizmos today, that’s a subject best left to the economists. Let’s stick with our mission; be a better Filipino, by knowing the Mustangs around your neighborhood. In the good old pre-oil embargo days this is almost a common sighting around the streets of Manila. Some college boys back in the 90’s even shorted their dreams of owning one by ramming an Isuzu diesel engine to the engine bay so they can drive one immediately after a quick body restoration. What a waste.


Not just a display, this is used as a car as well

In today’s Metro Manila traffic, it’s definitely no longer smart to drive one of this specially under the scorching heat or during a heavy downpour where major thoroughfares can become miles and miles of parking lot. The best role The Mild can play is a Sunday drive to some nice breakfast places around the outskirts of Metro Manila.


…to be continued


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