Will You Be Using An Online Repair Booking?


Back in the days we’re used to just having our clunkers serviced at the neighborhood “talyer” or those run-down auto shops. Researching online, it’s a hit-or-miss experience when you get your car fixed by these auto shops. In online forums, some sleazeballs will enthusiastically refer a non-certified veteran mechanic named “Mang Karding” and only to find out that you and the sleazeball has different expectations and symptoms plus “Mang Karding”  is only good at carburetor, non-computerized aging rust buckets the kind this sleazeball is driving. But “Mang Karding” is just a part of the mixed bag of nuts and corns in this gray market auto repair industry. One can still find a good hack from a good wrench but it’s like searching  a needle in a haystack.

The Garage

Then there’s the “Casa”, the crisp clean premium service garage that employs a service advisor named “Bogart” or sometimes “Ate Cristy” with snobbish aura to protect them from abusive customers (it works) and abusive outsourced mechanics which sometimes they picked up from a neighboring “talyer”. Their in-house mechanics are sometimes certified and graduates of various trade schools, they also fly in specialists from Hong Kong or as far as Italy if the work to be done is for clients with exotic cars that can’t be touched by a wrench monkey. Normally, a “Casa” has a lounge with Wi-Fi and accepts credit cards, plus they have hydraulic/pneumatic lifters! Some of these shops are run by stealerships tied in with certain brands or marque. Unlike “Mang Karding’s” shop, the “casa” is fully equipped with diagnostic and analysis tools, so the mechanics can have a better understanding of your car’s problems.

A typical brand-independent “casa”

Now here’s the problem and some “casa” already know this. On a Saturday morning, you drive to one of those “talyer” or “casa” without prior booking and you see overflowing of cars down to the street, since you’re a rat racer not a heavy hitter you can’t service your car on a weekday or anytime you want and all shops on a Saturday morning will always be filled to the brim forever. You learned your lesson, that you should book a service prior to weekend, you called the “casa”, phone is busy, you texted, no response, you called again, you got an answer, sorry Saturday is full. Unfortunately, you don’t have a rolodex of shops for other alternatives, you look around if there’s an online booking somehow, none.

Do you think it’s for you?

In a parallel universe, an online booking service is shop-independent, when a customer books a service online, all registered shops will be notified by all means of notification if they can accept the job with optional offers (e.g. pick-up or drive-in), Customers can pay electronically even if the work is done by “Mang Karding”. Sounds like an idea?

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