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Ten Tracks You Should Have On Your Cruisin’ Mix Tape


Okay, kids. Take a deep breath. The Inn Keeper knows talking about mix tapes may be a little out of date, but you get the gist? There’s something great about having an arsenal of cool soulful flavor for your ears while cruising the streets of Metro Manila. And given the situation of most radio stations today, the Inn Keeper would rather down a generous amount of whiskey before you convince him to listen to ridiculous sounds.

Please Stop Abusing The Hazard Light!

It’s a deluge, large drops of water were pelting the asphalt of Skyway southbound slamming on the sunroof like it’s tearing it apart, visibility is crap. Thanks to the modern convenience of auto-headlights and auto-wipers the car was responding to the situation intelligently. There’s occasional aquaplaning but that’s easy. But that’s not the problem, it’s…