1 Reason Why Real Men Don’t Ask For Directions


Women got to accept this, it is in men’s primal instinct not to ask for directions even way back in his old profession as a hunter or a gatherer, men would prefer to pretend not to look lost for safety and survival reasons.

Fast forward to the 21st century Google world, we’re still living in an unreliable 3G/4G mobile connections. Thanks to this new Google Maps feature, real men can navigate around using Google Maps even without an internet connection.

It’s really simple, believe The Judge. From your Android Phone, make sure your Google Maps is up to date.

  1. On the search bar type “OK MAPS” Google Maps
  2. Press the magnifying glass button this will pre-load the on-screen map to your phone, so you can navigate around without an internet connection.
    Google Maps Preloading



Right now, Garmin-style driving navigation don’t work in offline mode, the trick is make sure you have internet connection before initiating the Navigation function and from there you can go offline until your reach your destination. Hopefully, Google can work on that. Another thing that don’t work is searching addresses and specific locations during offline mode, maybe our phones today are not yet capable of caching that kind of large data. But the cached map is good enough for the basic barbarian, you need a passenger with good map-reading skills to use that for driving.

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