Seven Men’s New Year Grooming Resolution For 2014


You received a lot of cool stuff from Christmas such as new clothes, shoes or even underwear, sometimes it’s more than enough to replace your last year’s wardrobe and some of this newly acquired apparels were from you own wallet, from your own paycheck or Christmas Bonus (Congratulations!). But you don’t have to follow these resolutions like Kool-Aid, you can up the ante or do something better, the bottomline is you have to be better than the previous year, not worse.

  1. Shave properly – Remember our previous post about shaving? Don’t start from there those are reserved for men who are literally capable of invading another civilisation. Just start with the proper close shave on your own.

    Shave Properly


  2. Dress like a gentleman – A brotherly advise; stop looking shabby! You have to raise the bar, push the envelope, level up. You can start with the jacket, a shirt and tie will be appropriate even if you’re working on a night shift because you don’t know who you’re going to bump in to.
    sport jacket

    Stop looking like a high school boy trapped in a 30-year old body


  3. Make water your best friend – This 2014 always stay well hydrated. No explaining required.
  4. Always moisturise – No longer exclusive to women’s department, keeping yourself moisturised can prevent skin dryness and delay ageing. It’s always a nice feeling when you look younger than your age.
  5. Go for the right product – In everything that you’re going to buy this 2014, always go for the right product, just because you’re colleague is driving a Honda doesn’t mean you have to buy the same car, be different, standout, go for the products that you really like not the ones being pushed or pitched on you by other people.
  6. Don’t Be Afraid To Treat Yourself – If you’re getting your haircut once a month, why not add up hot oil, total repair treatment and a massage in to the routine? Your body will going to love you for that.
  7. Broaden Your Style – Don’t be that boring t-shirt-and-short guy on a weekend and leave those flipflops at home.

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