SWAG on Coffee $KCN6


As we have claimed several times, SWAG works on all markets and that includes commodities. How? Same thing as how SWAG works on Forex, equities and bonds, the Almighty SMA(20) and EMA(13) crosses. Let’s run down how we did it on “coffee”.

From the previous post we talked about “Who Trades Coffee?” well, it’s not just a question, it’s a question with substance as after that post we submitted our market order for KCN6 at 2 x 37,500lbs and in the 5-minute SWAG chart we already gained 0.67% still far away from our target of 20% but that is $567.96 in profits after commission and others



Being the second most traded commodity in the market, there’s no way anyone can hype “coffee”, the old way of controlling price is destroying excess supply might still be in practice today. When you learn how to use SWAG in commodities, there nothing else to do except exploit the power of its core indicators such SMA(20)/EMA(13), Parabolic SAR just how it’s done in other instruments or markets.

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  1. Wynsjen
    May 13, 2016 at 12:34 pm

    Great job and Congrats!

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