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What is a chronometer? We’re taking an inquisitive position rather than a pretentious smartass who happened to pick some tidbits from Wikipedia then self-converts to a resident expert/thought leader therefore we will be the watch noob for this post. If you are inside a very respected authorized dealer of fine watches anywhere in the Philippines you’ll most likely stumble on those little print on the dial saying “Superlative Chronometer” but before we go to the “Superlative” let’s go first with what is a chronometer. Wikipedia, take it away…

A chronometer is a clock that is precise and accurate enough to be used as portable time standard. By portable, we mean it can be used anywhere. Also, it can be used for celestial navigation by determining the longitude. Now, my brain is twerking, so if I ask my mechanic how long he can finish fixing my car does it determine longitude? Why does a fine gentleman would want a chronometer watch? Does he lose his way all the time? Continuing to the Wikipedia; the chronometer enabled the acceleration of the Age of Discovery and Colonialism. Yes, a chronometer watch in today’s world are symbolic to Discovery and Colonialism because as fine gentlemen we learn then we rule.

Harrison Chronometer H5, 1775

Alright, I’ve been hearing this around “Yung dad ko bumili ng chrono, ang ganda eh”, does the asshat refer to the chronometer? How can a chronometer be so beautiful when it’s only purpose is to precisely determine longitude on long voyages? The word “chronometer” is only printed on watches that passes the COSC (Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute). The most accurate guess is that asshat’s dad bought a Swatch Chronograph not a chronometer watch.

So what’s this “Superlative Chronometer”? The short throw answer, those are watches that passed the COSC testing with flying colors, not just passed, not just good enough but passed with distinction, done and executed with the highest quality.

The finest example of “Superlative Chronometer”

The chronometer, now you learned a new word. It is more than just telling the longitude, it’s a subtle daily reminder that good enough is not good enough, the better Filipino should hit for excellence and kill mediocrity, remember, we learn then we rule. On your next date, please stop talking about Justin Beiber.



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