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Bright Kindle Resources and Investments Inc. (BKR), formerly Bankard, Inc. (BKD), was organized as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Philippine Commercial International Bank on December 4, 1981. The Company was initially set up for the purpose of operating a domestic credit card business. On May 14, 2014, the Company’s effectively changed its corporate name to the present one as well as the nature of its business to a holding company.

The Company is now engaged in the purchase, exchange, assignment and hold investments of all properties, including but not limited to, bonds, debentures, promissory notes, shares of stocks and other securities without however engaging in the business of an investment company or a broker or dealer in securities.

If you’re expecting something from the company’s performance, then there is none. There’s nothing substantial to tell but the stock price movement is anything less boring, so let’s bore the fundaMentals


For the fiscal year ended : Dec 31, 2014
Currency(and units, if applicable) : PHILIPPINE PESO

Balance Sheet
Item Current Year Previous Year
Current Assets 455,714,317 1,074,921,987
Total Assets 4,510,267,560 1,074,921,987
Current Liabilities 2,060,514,429 13,998,560
Total Liabilities 2,061,892,608 13,998,560
Retained Earnings/(Deficit) 220,124,252 220,262,727
Stockholders’ Equity 2,448,374,952 1,060,923,427
Stockholders’ Equity – Parent 2,448,374,952 1,060,923,427
Book Value 1.6 .69
Income Statement
Item Current Year Previous Year
Gross Revenue 3,632,788 470,446,245
Gross Expense 3,763,769 299,429,618
Net Income/(Loss) Before Tax -130,981 171,016,627
Net Income/(Loss) After Tax -138,475 151,491,683
Net Income/(Loss) Attributable to Parent -138,475 151,491,683
Earnings/(Loss) Per Share (Basic) -0.00 .10
Earnings/(Loss) Per Share (Diluted) -0.00 .10


For the period ended : Sep 30, 2015
Currency(and units, if applicable) : PHP in Thousand

Balance Sheet
Item Period Ended Fiscal Year Ended(Audited)
Current Assets 431,162 455,715
Total Assets 1,642,081 4,510,268
Current Liabilities 2,050,260 2,060,515
Total Liabilities 2,051,638 2,061,893
Retained Earnings/(Deficit) 206,192 220,124
Stockholders’ Equity -409,557 2,448,375
Stockholders’ Equity – Parent -409,557 2,448,375
Book Value -0.27 1.60
Income Statement
Item Current Year (3 Months) Previous Year (3 Months) Current Year-To-Date Previous Year-To-Date
Gross Revenue 124 1,353 386 3,058
Gross Expense 1,104 398 14,318 2,290
Net Income/(Loss) Before Tax -980 955 -13,932 768
Net Income/(Loss) After Tax -980 757 -13,932 383
Net Income/(Loss) Attributable to Parent
Earnings/(Loss) Per Share (Basic) -0.00 0.00 -0.01 0.00
Earnings/(Loss) Per Share (Diluted) -0.00 0.00 -0.01 0.00

What do you see? Correct, I also see nothing.

But if you’re considering BKR, I’m assuming you’re not investing, you’re speculating because from the fundamental point of view this company’s future doesn’t look anywhere near bright. Therefore, you’re interested with the stock data, the technicals, the price/volume analysis and so forth. Let’s check that out. BKR is another example that company’s fundamentals doesn’t influence the stock price action.

Status Open Market Capitalization 2,017,585,680.00
Issue Type Common Outstanding Shares 1,528,474,000
ISIN PHY096AT1065 Listed Shares 1,528,474,000
Listing Date Mar 21, 1995 Issued Shares 1,528,474,000
Board Lot 1,000 Free Float Level(%) 16.68%
Par Value 0.55 Foreign Ownership Limit(%) 40%
Last Traded Price 1.37 Open 1.34 Previous Close and Date 1.32 (Dec 29, 2015)
Change(% Change) up  0.050 (3.79%) High 1.37 P/E Ratio
Value 156,060.00 Low 1.34 Sector P/E Ratio
Volume 115,000 Average Price 1.36 Book Value
52-Week High 3.40 52-Week Low 1.20 P/BV Ratio

Currently changing hands is 254,926,011 shares as of this writing, the price just jumped to 1.40, Foreign can buy up to 40% of that which is a measly P142,758,566.16 worth, can they live with that? That’s only EUR7,599,279.638 for chrissake.

The deadly SWAG as of the last trading day of 2015



As mandated by law, I can not guarantee against loss so cut quick with your cut loss methodology if the plan don’t go in your favor.

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