There’s a $WEB That Never Goes Out


I don’t write reco all the time and when I do that it means the stock is really worth looking and then comes $WEB or Philweb.

n 2003, the Company received a license from the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) to launch e-Games stations, which are internet cafes exclusively dedicated to casino games. With technology provided by WEB, patrons can choose from close to 300 casino games, including baccarat, blackjack, various slot machine games, video poker and others. Most e-Games cafes operate on a 24/7 basis. As of 2014, there are 305 PAGCOR e-Games cafes all over the country, with the majority owned and operated by independent operators.

WEB’s key subsidiaries include BigGame, Inc.; Premyo sa Resibo, Inc.; e-Magine Gaming Corporation; PhilWeb Convergence Corporation; and PhilWeb Asia-Pacific Corporation, among others.

This company pays dividends that’s one way of making money from the stock market.

Let’s look at usually boring fundamentals. There were some slight improvements.


For the fiscal year ended : Dec 31, 2014
Currency(and units, if applicable) : P

Balance Sheet
Item Current Year Previous Year
Current Assets 1,233,786,008 1,063,149,112
Total Assets 2,114,515,904 2,042,159,181
Current Liabilities 1,053,823,031 1,412,294,548
Total Liabilities 1,124,375,456 1,491,016,332
Retained Earnings/(Deficit) 2,521,083,685 2,085,982,906
Stockholders’ Equity 990,140,448 551,142,849
Stockholders’ Equity – Parent 3,369,097,124 3,035,105,988
Book Value 0.84 0.47
Income Statement
Item Current Year Previous Year
Gross Revenue 1,700,081,829 1,602,995,827
Gross Expense 661,368,923 1,413,015,015
Net Income/(Loss) Before Tax 1,038,712,906 189,980,812
Net Income/(Loss) After Tax 903,875,688 202,894,555
Net Income/(Loss) Attributable to Parent 903,990,032 280,215,819
Earnings/(Loss) Per Share (Basic) 0.77 0.21
Earnings/(Loss) Per Share (Diluted) 0.77 0.21


For the period ended : Sep 30, 2015
Currency(and units, if applicable) : PhP

Balance Sheet
Item Period Ended Fiscal Year Ended(Audited)
Current Assets 988,534,112 1,233,786,008
Total Assets 1,919,355,869 2,114,515,904
Current Liabilities 755,168,302 1,053,823,031
Total Liabilities 834,649,097 1,124,375,456
Retained Earnings/(Deficit) 2,609,292,727 2,521,083,685
Stockholders’ Equity 1,084,706,772 990,140,448
Stockholders’ Equity – Parent 1,153,755,082 1,059,056,126
Book Value 0.92 0.84
Income Statement
Item Current Year (3 Months) Previous Year (3 Months) Current Year-To-Date Previous Year-To-Date
Gross Revenue 430,895,262 418,194,428 1,235,737,516 1,233,577,443
Gross Expense 170,523,282 163,250,360 488,465,892 498,115,772
Net Income/(Loss) Before Tax 260,371,980 254,944,068 747,271,624 735,461,671
Net Income/(Loss) After Tax 206,019,990 214,198,502 615,679,988 645,700,026
Net Income/(Loss) Attributable to Parent 206,056,983 214,091,071 615,812,620 645,433,348
Earnings/(Loss) Per Share (Basic) 0.15 0.18 0.45 0.55
Earnings/(Loss) Per Share (Diluted) 0.15 0.18 0.45 0.55

The more interesting part is the stock data.

Status Open Market Capitalization 31,555,239,760.00
Issue Type Common Outstanding Shares 1,434,329,080
ISIN PHY7134C1679 Listed Shares 1,327,327,738
Listing Date Dec 08, 1969 Issued Shares 1,515,710,018
Board Lot 100 Free Float Level(%) 24.71%
Par Value 1.00 Foreign Ownership Limit(%) 100%
Last Traded Price 22.05 Open 21.95 Previous Close and Date 22.00 (Mar 17, 2016)
Change(% Change) up  0.050 (0.23%) High 22.05 P/E Ratio
Value 2,151,040.00 Low 21.80 Sector P/E Ratio
Volume 97,900 Average Price 21.97 Book Value
52-Week High 28.50 52-Week Low 13.10 P/BV Ratio

Obviously, this is no bottom-fishing adventure with 52-week low at 13.10. However, if we look at the chart below SMA (20) is over EMA(13) , it’s a SWAG signal for entry prior to the anticipated uptick upon crossover that MAY follow a typical SWAG rally. Public float however is at 354,239,545 shares changing hands in the market and if the total volume transacted from 3 March 2015 up to last trading day is close or equal to the the public float then there’s a good chance that the bottom has been cleared but that’s not an excuse to be reckless. Buy in tranche, exercise your cut loss methodology if the plan don’t work out in your favor.



Recommendation: BUY/ACCUMULATE

Holding Period: 60-days

As mandated by law, being a Certified Securities Representative, I CAN NOT guarantee against loss.

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