This Super Mercedes Is For Sale


If it’s not good enough yet. Bruno Sacco’s super project turned over to Aufrecht and Melcher to become their super-super project, of course, we’ll have a super WerkWagen.

The coupe to end all coupe. The Mercedes-Benz 560SEC AMG C126 is an unarguably a real Mercedes muscle, it’s not just a Panzerwagen it’s a Blitzwagen. Only 28,929 coupes where made from 1985-1991 or four thousand eight hundred twenty one and a lunch break were made per year. However, at the AMG Facilities, only 50 wide body units were made and among those fifty only 2 known real WerkWagen arrived in the Philippines, one ended up in ashes and the other one is still kicking (but not the bucket). This is it.

An AMG Werkwagen, by the way, is not a Mercedes that is tuned and modded using all original AMG components inside a ghetto shop, it’s a Mercedes that has been hand-stitched with AMG component at different AMG facilities that existed during C126 era.

This lovely beast is not called The Super Mercedes for nothing. With an AMG-tuned M117 V8 engine that yields 300+ horspower.

One of the most popular sci-fi TV show during the ’80s was the Battlestar Galactica and surely, AMG will not fall behind. The standard controls, climate control buttons resembles much of those in the Viper(not the car, but the fighter).

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