Tool Watches And Why You Should Care


During my formative years, it has been told that watch/clock has no other purpose but to tell time. Even old folks rant about why someone will buy a different watch from the other when all of them are designed for one purpose; to tell time. Imagine if we only have one kind of watch to wear, telling time is really going to be boring. Tool watches are for people who really mean their business, it’s not just about telling time, it’s a reflection on how you value your time. It’s a statement that you are a better Filipino no ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’.

Dress Watch

Simple but elegant

Attending solemn meetings or late night parties, you need a timepiece that doesn’t attract too much attention and if does it should induce a pleasant and comfortable conversation. Is it a tool watch? In a civil society or any formal engagement, occasionally looking at your watch is a sign of boredom and disrespect. In any formal gathering whether it’s business or pleasure a dress watch helps you conceal such gestures without offending the host. So in our book, that’s a tool watch.

Engineer’s Watch

IWC Ingenieur

Rolex Milgauss

There’s an engineer’s watch? Yes, even before your mother was born. In today’s digital age an engineer won’t need a special watch but back in the days when Nikola Tesla and Rudolf Diesel were rock stars, there were two kinds of special watches built for engineers; one is for the train engineer and the other for the electrical engineer. The train engineer’s watch must be accurate at all times since train engineers are exposed to a lot of this things associated in dealing with badass locomotive megamachines such as vibrations, noise, heat and pollution and their watches must withstand the environment it is subjected in to and keep up with the schedule such as when to reduce speed when NO speed signs or indicators are present along the tracks such factors must be timed precisely to avoid disaster that can cost lives. The electrical engineer’s watch is another special type of watch, aside from telling time its case has an inner core that repels magnetic force which can drastically affect a watch movement’s core functions, some brands like the Rolex Milgauss can withstand a magnetic force of 1000 gauss of course.

Diver’s Watch

The DeepSea Sea Dweller

It’s self-explanatory, I’m not a diving expert but from a common sense standpoint, a diver’s watch just like any other watch must be water resistant. Aside from the unidirectional rotating bezel to mark and monitor your dive time, oxygen, time to ascent etc. a diver’s watch must withstand depth pressure measured by ATM or BAR.

Aviator’s Watch

Aviator’s watch

As opposed to diver’s watch, aviator’s watch must work consistently on low pressure, high altitude and sometimes zero-gravity environments. Dials must be big enough and bright enough to be seen during night flights. Optionally, aviator’s watches can come with a GMT hand.

Military Watch

Seiko 5 Military Watch

Simply the timepiece that performs above and beyond the call of duty, the military watch is designed for the rigorous demands of the land warrior…and executive backpackers as well. Due to the violent nature of what this watch is intended for, a true blue military watch must not compromise the wearer by having any shiny or glossy portion that reflect light which can cause deadly consequences like enemy snipers, it should have a shatter-proof glass and of course dials in military time format, it should be agnostic to dust, mud, water and shell shock.

And therefore, telling the time will not always be the same.



Potshots: Why are commercial watch photos display time in “10:10”?

Answer: So you’ll know the difference between a professional photographer and an egghead.

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