Wear The Watches You’ve Been Dreaming Of


Starts at $249 a month you can wear the watches (yes, watches) that cost about more that $10,000 to own for two months at a time! The annual program enables you to experience three or six different watches a year. Now, tell me if it’s a bad idea.


Eleven James

Eleven James

As a member, you can browse their collection of fine watches and let the concierge set up your unique watch profile, enjoy the watch for two months by the time you receive it, you can wear it in parties, flaunt it in fun runs, golf tournaments or whatever. Once you’re done with it you can return it by mail at an Eleven James event or schedule a pick up (for New York City members only). Isn’t it lovely? Now, if you’re a fine watch owner and want to consign and rotate your watches for an extra buck without having to let go of your lovely timepieces, this is viable option to liquidate your watch’s appreciated value, it’s basically a horology for rent. The Judge reckon that this concept might work in the Philippines but the rules will be stricter and penalties harsher for the business to flourish. It’s also a good way of trying before buying rather than getting a Class A Greenhills imitation.

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