Four Reasons Why You Should Wear A Jacket Everyday


Yes, even in Manila. But before we proceed, let’s put up some questions, short facts and challenge this [mediocre] incumbent assumption that runs on every ordinary pinoys’ heads when this jacket topic comes up. When The Judge talk about jackets in this context, it is not about that glee club jacket or that motorcycle jacket that you love to wear inside a fully air-conditioned facility. This jacket is known as “blazer”, “sport jacket” or “suit”. But we prefer to use jacket and stick with our mission.

Sport Jacket

This is what we’re talking about


When we say incumbent assumption it is about what other’s think when they’re asked if they will wear such jacket, we normally get a response like this “mainit”, “japorms”, “feeling mayaman”, “not practical” in a “kanto-ish”, “lasheng” accent where you have to harden your inner palate to do it with obligatory “pare” at the end of each sentence. So let’s start the questioning the average Pinoy, remember the pre-war era when you’re dressed up walking downtown at Escolta? What happened? Did you lose interest or did you adapt to mediocrity and a demeaning life after?


Like A Boss At Escolta


You’ve been working diligently all your life in an office in that short-sleeved jusi shirt you called “barong” only to be bypassed in promotion by a douchebag in, guess what? Right! In a jacket that he wears everyday! Yes, you’re working hard but you’re hardly making a statement! You want to be a boss someday right? And to your wildest dreams, you want to look like a mob boss, do you know what a mob boss looks like? Right! He’s wearing a jacket! You want to hustle and have a little edge right? Do you wear a jusi “barong” while hustling? Nah! You wear a jacket! You want to make a statement without even trying? Wear a jusi “barong” and see what happens, nothing. Search Google images for “sport jacket”, what do you see?

Sport Jacket

When you Google “sport jacket”, you see mostly this type

Ready to break out and make the bold move? Here are the top 4 reasons why:

  1. It instantly upgrade your image from downright idiot  to element of the cool, an element that average pinoy loves to kill. Check your front desk receptionist’s reaction tomorrow.
  2. It protects your skin from ultraviolet rays of the sun, when you need to walk out in the open the jacket provides extra layer of protection from premature aging.
  3. Wearing jacket everyday protects you from dust and dirt. Sorry, in a discriminating society like ours whether we admit it or not that sweaty, sticky arm is the last thing you want to be in contact inside an elevator or lift.
  4. You get desirable attention from people that matters most and envious murmurs from a heckling group of “bading-na-hampas-lupa” who can’t appreciate good taste. Besides, the jacket slims you down and make you look sharper unlike the other types of jacket that make you look like Santa Claus.


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