World Cup 2014 True Winner And Be Part Of It


Congratulations to Germany! And best of all, congratulations to Adidas AG for being the true winner in this global slugfest. Aside from cheering on it, making a killing from the bets it’s time to take advantage for something that will last for another World Cup on 2016, no other way but to start investing on the true winner, the Adidas AG also known as ADS in the German stock exchange (DAX). How do you get in? Simple, sign up with a broker that can place your order in to the exchange, then read the chart

$ADS by The Black Benz Trader

$ADS by The Black Benz Trader

Next steps are standard procedures; calculate risk using “2% rule”, then apply SWAG system by The Black Benz Trader, Lather-Rinse-Dry-Repeat. Once ADS reaches 6% gain, Lather-Rinse-Dry-Repeat. You’re on your own, you don’t have Kool-Aid friends here, the boring part is sitting tight, No CAVEAT.

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